13 tangentially magical songs to celebrate Harry Potter's return


The umpteenth movie in the Harry Potter series is being released today. I love these movies -- other than filling me with a sense of profound jealousy, they're the best movies to cozy up and fall asleep to in the history of ever. Pure fantasy candy, buttressed by an oddly not-terribly-threatening antagonist (in the movies, we're talking about) and a castle school rife with nooks and crannies for making out, taking drugs, or practicing some fucked-up spells. 

In wild celebration of all that (plus FRIDAY), we've compiled 13 actually amazing songs that have something to do with magic, magical objects, or metaphors thereof.

[jump] Rhapsody, "Power of the Dragon Flame"

Swollen Members, "Black Magic"

Behold...The Arctopus, "Scepters"

Black Moth Super Rainbow, "Trees and Colors and Wizards"

Black Uhuru, "Puff She Puff"

Peaking Lights, "Owls Barning"

These New Puritans, "We Want War"

Timber Timbre, "Under Your Spell"

We Are Wolves, "Magique"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Dudley"

Richard Hawley, "Dark Road"

Brian Eno, "Emerald and Stone"

Devotchka, "How It Ends"