13 best KISS commercials of all time

The band KISS seems to have been in more commercials than any other band in history. Proudly they revel in their ability to move product. In fact they could be credited for so much marketing in the music business with endless KISS tchotchkes, the KISS coffeeshop, KISS coffins, TV shows, and uh, their music, they could be called the godfathers of "selling out," Never ashamed to sell themselves in the end it's part of their shtick and the fans that love and eat it up couldn't be happier helping fill arenas at their sold out concert for 35+ years now.

Thankfully the time capsule all these commercials through the years provide is a fun one to open up. From the commercials of all their LP releases, toys, movies and ultimately their shilling for various soda drinks. In anticipation of this weekends Minnesota State Fair Grandstand appearance I had a chance to add to these tidbits of KISStory with my own little fan-built promo with "Spaceman" Tommy Thayer.


Tommy Thayer for Kiss' big show this weekend....Rock On!!

The Hottest Show on Earth Tour 2010 Commercial

Kiss Your Face Make Up ad:

Kiss Dolls, they're insane!

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park was a 70's made for TV movie that perhaps foreshadows their real life State Fair dominance this Summer.

Kiss Records!

"Creatures of the Night" Ad

Kiss starring in the commercial for a Japanese Magazine:

Ace on his own for Dunkin' Donuts

Kiss writes a Pepsi Jingle(Ugh!)

Dr. Pepper Commercial(cool only because it features "Little Kiss")

Kiss working at Wal-Mart?!

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