12 things you probably don’t (need to) know about Maroon 5

You have so much to learn about Adam Levine.

You have so much to learn about Adam Levine. Associated Press

Even though the Super Bowl isn’t happening in Minneapolis this year, many people are still paying attention to it.

Some of these viewers may also watch Maroon 5’s halftime show performance. Most of them will recognize the band’s singer, Adam Levine, because he spends a lot of time on television, and many will, at some point, say “Oh, right they do that song.”

And what about you? Well, the ideal way to survive any Super Bowl party, as we all know, is to have something to say that a) makes you sound relatively well-informed, but b) nobody listens to that closely. So here are 12 correct but not particularly interesting facts about Maroon 5 you can bring up without anybody really caring.

1. Frontman Adam Levine’s uncle is respected political reporter and commentator Timothy Noah, who’s previously worked at the New Republic and Slate, and is now the labor policy editor for Politico.

2. Adam Levine has been friends with Jake Gyllenhaal since kindergarten.

3. Similarly, Jake Gyllenhaal has been friends Adam Levine since kindergarten.

4. Adam Levine was a press secretary for George W. Bush whose 2005 grand jury testimony may have been instrumental in convincing Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald not to charge Karl Rove with perjury during the investigation into the White House leak that outed Valerie Plame as a CIA agent. Oh, wait. Wrong Adam Levine.

5. Oh, here’s a sports thing. Levine once told Best Life magazine (yeah, me either) about the time he shot a winning two-pointer during a YMCA basketball game as a little kid, and how that moment changed his life. Had he not made the basket, Levine joked, "maybe today I'd be a serial killer or something." Ha ha ha, just another example of how without youth sports, celebrities would have murdered us all by now. (Then again, this is exactly what a serial killer would say to throw us off his trail.)

6. In 2015 some dude threw a bag of powdered sugar at Levine. City Pages by no means condones such an act but come on, look at Levine here, that shit’s hilarious.

7. Hmm, this is turning into a list of things you probably don’t (need to) know about Adam Levine, isn’t it?

8. OK, how about this: “Maroon 5” is an anagram for “5 on Omar,” and “A moron 5.” Spell “five” out or pretend it’s an “s” for even more word jumble fun.

9. As Anthony Cohan-Miccio once pointed out, you can sing the title of There Will Be Blood to the tune of “She Will Be Loved.”

10. Maroon 5 was apparently banned from China because keyboardist Jesse Carmichael tweeted birthday greetings to the Dalai Lama. (If you use this one, start by saying “not to get political, but...” so everybody freaks out.)

11. “This Love” is still a jam, as we adults refer to what you kids call “a bop.”

12. People can't possibly be asking this, right?