10 Twin Cities musicians to follow on Twitter

Folks who rock at Twitter: Astronautalis; Finding Novyon; Kitten Forver

Folks who rock at Twitter: Astronautalis; Finding Novyon; Kitten Forver

Twitter isn't new. No, the microcosmic, microaggressive platform celebrated 10 years of being a phenomenon Monday.

That's 10 years that saw the birth of hashtags, following sprees, subtweets, and myriad bad or otherwise ill-timed opinions. Despite the negative implications, Twitter is actually good. Very good, in fact. You should use it if you don't already.

We tipped our hats to some of the most Tweet-happy locals about halfway through Twitter's rise to ubiquity and again in 2014, but in honor of the 140-characters-or-less social site, we're gonna play it a little bit more straight.

Who are the best Twin Cities musicians you've been missing out on for the last decade of ludditude? Who are the songsmiths who make logging in a worthwhile distraction? City Pages runs down the top 10 for Twitter's 10th.

10. Finding Novyon (@findingnovyon)

If there's one thing that 10 years of Twitter have taught the world, it's that rappers are awful follows. Between the endless stream of retweets, the barbed and vague subtweets, and the hustle-centric banalities, it's pretty insufferable. But Minneapolis up-and-coming MC Finding Novyon has made a habit of defying standards, and that extends to his 140-character game.

Wedged between scene-supporting callouts and anime trivia, Novyon keeps it extremely humble. Sure, there's the typical level of self-promotion, but Novyon's feed is one worth the click. Plus, he's a hell of a dresser — something he features often.
— Finding Novyon (@FindingNovyon) February 4, 2016

9. Tess Weinberg (@tessweinberg)

Murder Shoes aren't all doom and gloom. Turns out the existential load of being the centerpiece of one of the Twin Cities' most endearing mope-rock bands is more humorous than it appears.

Though she's a sporadic tweeter, the band's quirky singer Tess Weinberg has developed a mirthful Twitter brand for herself. The frontwoman-cum-Current DJ-cum jewelry designer goes for the #relateable content, but her observations are far goofier than the standard mind droppings.

8. Kitten Forever (@kittenforever)

It's unclear who of the trio of Liz Elton, Corrie Harrigan, and Laura Larson helms the handle over at Kitten Forever, but if it's anything like their stage show, the balance is created through rotation.

Kitten Forever's Twitter is an excellent resource for feminist theory, Kanye jokes, and local miscellania in equal measures. The guitarless rockers head to the keyboard with all sorts of randomness, but that doesn't keep them from being earnest in promoting fellow locals who they believe in. But mostly it's Kanye jokes.
7. Tony the Scribe (@killstreakmpls)

One half of KILLSTREAK, Tony the Scribe is one of the more irreverent personalities in the local Twittersphere. The no-caps style and lack of punctuation put the local rapper right in line with the tenets of Weird Twitter, which we all know is the most enjoyable subculture the website/app has to offer.

Tony is also a valuable follow for his timely reactions to current events. Trump saying some more inane shit? Tony's there. Ta Nehisi Coates writing for Marvel? Expect a tweetstorm. But best of all are his interactions with fellow KILLSTREAK member Icetep, who is something of a comic muse for Tony.  6. Carroll (@carrollmpls)

A chill band that tweets like a chill band, Carroll turn throwaway comments into genuine, contextless comedy gold. Their feed reads like a conversation between two stoners on a bench in Loring Park, but it's really just a rundown of the absurdities that pop up in the band's collective mind. It might seem asinine to an outside observer, but the band's feed just serves to welcome non-listeners into Carroll's obtuse brand of funny.
5. Claire de Lune (@clairempls)

Claire de Lune is the foremost Claire in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and she's got the Twitter handle to prove it. The Tiny Deaths singer and budding DJ may be from Manhattan, but she's carved out a sphere in influence in the Cities that's supported by her A+ Twitter feed.

Half comical and half insightful, de Lune's Twitter banter deals with her daily life as a musician but also as a young, liberal, outspoken woman in a rapidly changing culture. It also serves as a portal to her 35mm photography, which captures her friends in the biz and her love of the wilds of northern Minnesota.
4. Max Timander (@cherrycolausa)

The youth are typically the first to master technology, and 19-year-old Max Timander has been typing his thoughts into the void since 2009.  The Cherry Cola (and former Stereo Confession) frontman is the local internet's foremost sadboi, professing his ironic-but-not-ironic love for burritos, pizza, and pizza burritos in unenthused, lower-case platitudes.

Timander is also one of the most active show-goers in the scene, and he's frequently on location for the buzziest come-throughs and all the best local gigs. If you're looking for something to do on a weekend, chances are he'll be live tweeting a good option in progress.
3. Astronautalis (@astronautalis)

Astronautalis fuckin' loves memes and dad jokes, man, it's great. He'll RT Cute Emergency right in line with Desus Nice and OMG Facts and not give a second thought to it, because he is who he is on Twitter, and he'll never apologize.

Aside from the unintentionally funny things about Mr. Andre Bothwell's tweet page, there is quite a bit to be enjoyed in earnest. Astro has a biting, wry sense of humor and an encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop, two things he often marries into a singular moments of zen. Still though, the RTs are where the money is at. 2. Jeremy Messersmith (@jmessersmith)

Most conscious humans in the Minneapolis area know that Jeremy Messersmith is the king of drunk tweeting the Grammys, and if that's all he ever did on Twitter, he'd still be in the top 50 percent of all local tweeps. The Mez just gets how to package a thought into a viable Twitter joke, and the fact that he's barely ever earnest in his 140 characters makes him a must follow.

His curt musings extend to any and all topics beyond music awards shows, and his often-self-effacing takes on his own career are always welcome in the daily collection dimwitted nonsense that is Twitter.

1. DJ TIIIIIIIIIIP (@tiiiiiiiiiip)

TIIIIIIIIIIP is a fool, and even though he's nigh-impossible to understand behind a keyboard, the former Audio Perm member is without a doubt the most valuable follow in the Twin Cities. Whether it be his snaps of thrift store fashion or his takes on local Vietnamese food, the real-life Taylor Madrigal always finds a way to dip into the absurd. 

The very form of his tweets — which are often broken across several lines like a haiku that's rambled out of its syllabic restrictions — is hilarious. One look, and you instantly recognize that you're not reading transmissions from a person who operates on the normal spectrum of human thought. TIIIIIIIIIIP is truly an individual, and that makes his Twitter superlative.
Correction: A previous version of this article spelled DJ TIIIIIIIIIIP's name with eight "I"s instead of 10. City Pages deeply regrets the error.