10 mood-enhancing music videos for post-Election Day

If our Twitter stream is any indication, peeps are in a funk today and could use some cheering up. Not to worry, though -- Gimme Noise has got you covered.

As you clamber up out of the post-Election Day haze, take a few minutes to watch some of our favorite over-the-top cute or otherwise serotonin-rocketing music videos, guaranteed to get you smiling for at least a minute or two.

10. Parading around with the queen of the indie scene
This one has it all: synchronized dancing, childlike whimsy, a quirky and catchy melody, and dude, Feist. You know you wanna go to a synchronized warehouse dance party with Feist.

9. Foo Fighters save the day, Mentos-style
This video is SO '90s. Hey, I remember jean jacket vests, cocky businessmen, and guys wearing shiny polyester button-downs. Aw. I'm starting to feel better already.

8. The Gilligan's Island ladies get down to the Castaways
Why yes, that IS Mary Ann, Ginger, and Mrs. Howell dancing to local boys-done-good the Castaways.

7. Buncha movie stars-playing-rock stars singing Elton John.
You guys! Is someone tickling me, or are these cheesy music vids doing their job?

6. Sugar Ray sings that one song everyone knows
Confession time: There was a period in my life where this song was, like, everything I never knew I wanted from pop music. What was up with that? I mean, I was in the ninth grade, but seriously.

5. On a related note...
Let's just hold it here for a minute. Similarly terrible, but man. Remember when you could flip on MTV and catch this shit?

4. One for the '80s children
Aw. Hell yes.

3. Dolly Parton sings and acts like Dolly Parton
What is it about Ms. Parton? She makes us giddy just by existing. Thanks Dolly.

2.  The Newbie
Love or hate Best Coast's buzzy surf rock-on-codeine, girl knows how to make a great video.

1. The panic button
We only pull this one out in the most dire of circumstances. So if you've reached the end of this list and you're still all "Meh, everyone sucks and I'm boycotting half the population and DEAR GOD WHY?" then go ahead and try to watch this with a straight face.

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