10,000 Lakes Festival finalizes 2009 lineup

10,000 Lakes Festival finalizes 2009 lineup

DMB to rock 10KLF. LOL!

With a spring tour headlining above the Hold Steady and an anchor spot at the bohemian Minnesota music festival 10,000 Lakes Fest, Dave Matthews Band seems to be having a bounce in their stock, which has squatted in the basement of the musical marketplace for nigh on a decade or so.

Today, two announcements from the hippie dippie outdoor festival. First, the already robust line-up has been bolstered by over a dozen late adds, and second, a rather run of the mill layaway plan is being installed to help consumers cope with the $159 sticker price.

The layaway option allows consumers bedraggled by the economy to pay a third now and hack up the remainder in two easy breezy payments somewheres down the line. It's being called the 10KLF Stimulus Package (har de har), and, if nothing else, ensures that bong rippers statewide wil be able to attend, even if they're living on a single hemp shoestring.

10,000 Lakes Festival Newcomers:

Mason Jennings
Steve Kimock Crazy Engine
North Indiana All Stars featuring Jake Cinninger, Joel Cummins and Kris Myers (Umphrey's McGee), Willie Waldman (Banyan, Snoop Dog) and Tony Franklin (The Firm, David Gilmour)
Todd Snider
Pete Francis (from Dispatch) & Barefoot Truth
Garaj Mahal
The Honeydogs
Backyard Tire Fire
Pert Near Sandstone
Tim Sparks
Zach Deputy
Joe Pug
Paper Bird
Nathan Miller Band
Gypsy Lumberjacks

Head to the 10KLF website to see the full roster. Don't mind the patchouli.

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