'Won't You Be My Neighbor'


Won't You Be My Neighbor?

June 11
9 p.m.

Fred Rogers was too wonderful for this world. Through his children’s show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, he taught important life lessons and encouraged kids to talk about their emotions with his gentle stories and skits. That’s not all he was, however. He was also revolutionary, appearing before the U.S. Senate to fight for funds to support educational programming on PBS. He was subversive, casting Francois Clemmons as a police officer, making him the first recurring role for an African American on a kids’ show. He was even technologically forward, encouraging the use of VCRs to record his program during a time when stations were fighting against them. But overall, Mr. Rogers preached a message of humanity and kindness. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? tells his story through interviews with his wife, children, and friends, which includes Koko, the sign language-speaking (and kitten-befriending) gorilla.