The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974 35mm)

Oct. 18
8 p.m.
Film, Holiday

Over 40 years later, the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre is still scary as fuck. When a bunch of teens head out to the country to visit their grandfather’s grave, they find themselves stuck in a small town without gas. When a self-mutilating hitchhiker, Leatherface, and other pals show up, chaos ensues. Tropes established in the 1974 flick still echo through the horror genre to this day: Those creepy country bumkins are probably homicidal; there will be a final girl; sex, drinking, and camping make a dangerous combo. Director Tobe Hooper managed to create this masterpiece on a tiny budget with limited special effects, but the important stuff is all here: copious amounts of blood, overwhelmingly long screams, people wearing skin as a mask. See it all at the Parkway Theater this weekend, which will be screening it in all of its 35mm glory.