'The Royal Tenenbaums'


The Royal Tenenbaums

March 14
7:30 p.m.
$9/$11 at the door

The Royal Tenenbaums is peak Wes Anderson. Fans of the director will delight in this 2001 flick, as the gang’s all here: bright decor; simple costuming; flat, symmetric shots; zooms; slow-motion segments set to ’60s rock; Bill Murray. People who aren’t sure if they can handle Anderson’s twee overload might find this one bearable, too, as Gene Hackman’s salty and kinda pissed-off take on patriarch Royal Tenenbaum cuts through the saccharine. A deadbeat dad, Royal scams his way back into his adult children’s lives by tricking them into believing he is dying of cancer. Once child prodigies, the three siblings have floundered in adulthood. Emotions erupt and resolve as everyone attempts to forgive the past and restructure the family. It’s all a little dark, but it’s also cute as hell.