The Human Body (NR)

Documentary 43 October 14, 2001
By Melissa Maerz
Ten thousand of our brain cells die every day, this IMAX film tells us. When we reach our teenage years, our range of sound will begin to decrease. Most of our hearts will stop beating around age 76. And if there is a God, he's a sadist. Okay, the movie doesn't actually say that last part. But at times, The Human Body sounds like it should be called The Facts of Life According to Jean-Paul Sartre. It's hard to blame director Peter Georgi for the body's gradual breakdown: In fact, he tries his best to counter nature's existentialism by focusing on the creation of new life. Following a pregnant couple living with their niece and nephew, The Human Body examines fetal cell growth, birth, and human development in astounding visual and narrative detail. Yet, though Georgi loves taboo close-ups of zits, babies' genitals, and other things that'll make the kids giggle, a segment on conception fails to mention how the sperm got close to the egg--as if those little dudes are always wriggling around inside women like half-digested sandwiches. (Melissa Maerz)
Peter Georgi Heather Pike, Zannah Lawrence, Buster Pike, Luke Brinkers Richard Dale Richard Dale, Peter Georgi nWave Pictures


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