See No Evil (R)

Horror 84 May 19, 2006
By John Behling
If you wait until after the end credits of this ridiculous slasher, you get to see a dog piss into the eye socket of a deceased serial killer played by WWE vet Kane (a.k.a. Glen Jacobs). And if you're still in the theater by that point, my review probably isn't for you. Speaking as a horror fan first and a wrestling agnostic second, I'd say that this truly indefensible debut feature from Vince McMahon's WWE Films is too stupid even by the standards of one of the cinema's most brain-dead genres. The 326-pound Jacobs--whose main draw is a pair of grizzly-bear mitts that make a fire ax look like a T-ball bat--plays Jacob Goodnight, a fundamentalist psycho dwelling in a gutted-out hotel. When a group of co-eds from the county pen arrive to do some community service, Goodnight kills them all, sometimes employing amazing feats of strength, e.g., picking up a 115-pound actress and swinging her like a sack of potatoes. Truly, size does matter in the slasher genre. But it wasn't size that made Gunnar Hansen's Leatherface an icon of terror; rather, it was Hansen's ability to give his killer a childlike skittishness. Here, Jacobs portrays psychosis by staring long and hard--and then blinking very slowly. Director Gregory Dark delivers the movie's wanton slaughter with such lip-smacking delight that one wonders if he really does believe that nubile teens are simply bags of meat. Tellingly, Dark's previous work has been in the adult film industry. (John Behling)
Gregory Dark Glen Jacobs, Michael J. Pagan, Tiffany Lamb, Penny McNamee, Craig Horner, Samantha Noble, Matthew Okine, Luke Pegler, Cecily Polson, Rachael Taylor Dan Madigan Joel Simon Lionsgate Films

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