What's at stake: A giant check for $101. Scream It Off Screen


Scream It Off Screen

July 5
7 p.m.
Art, Barhopping, Film

See democracy in action at Scream It Off Screen this holiday weekend. For each installment, local filmmakers submit 15-minute shorts to screen at the Parkway. Audiences watch the first three minutes, then they collectively vote on whether or not to watch the rest of the film. If you’re voting “nay,” you’ll start screaming. If the vote is “yay,” then you remain silent. Films that get majority screams will be gonged and booted from the competition. In the end, the top filmmaker walks away with a sweet $101. You’re going to see some weird-ass stuff at this event. Some of it will be amazing, some of it will be lame. You decide what you scream for. These films aren’t pre-screened; entrants simply need to be one of the first 15 to submit a flick earlier in the week at Turtle Bread. So you never know what you’re going to get. 18+.