Watch the craptacular masterpieces of Paul Verhoeven. 'Showgirls'


Paul Verhoeven in Exile: The Hollywood Years

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Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven crafted some of the most zeitgeist-defining blockbusters of the 1980s and ’90s. This July, Trylon presents five selections from Verhoeven, whose films’ explicit depictions of sex and violence served a satiric purpose. The series begins with Total Recall (1990), a gonzo sci-fi odyssey in which an everyman (played with knowing incongruity by Arnold Schwarzenegger) comes to suspect that his conception of existence has been artificially created. Camp classic Showgirls (1995) offers the delightfully lurid drama of a dancer who aspires to become a top performer in Las Vegas. As much a prescient critique of corruptive corporate influence as it is a thrilling action classic, Robocop (1987) follows a critically injured officer reanimated as an unrelenting enforcer of law and order. Basic Instinct (1992) made a star of Sharon Stone, whose femme fatale beguiles Michael Douglas’ burned-out detective with lavishly filmed carnality. Series ender Starship Troopers (1997) is signature Verhoeven, amplifying the xenophobia of the original novel in the service of subverting those very same impulses—all in the context of waging war against monstrous alien insects.