Music and Lyrics (PG-13)

Comedy 96 February 14, 2007
By Robert Wilonsky
Hugh Grant plays Alex Fletcher, "the other guy in Pop!," an '80s new-wave act that counted among its hits a hammy and cheesy ditty called "Pop Goes My Heart." Alex, still squeezing into tight trousers and singing the oldies, has gone on to a dispiriting life of county fair and high-school reunion gigs, but he's offered a second chance when pop star Cora Corman asks him to write the last song on her album--and, of course, he has less than a week to do it. Alex finds a collaborator in his (yeah, here it comes) interim plant-watering lady, the hypochondriac Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), a moon-June-spoon kind of gal who provides Alex with just the grade-school poetry he needs to compose that last-second hit single. Affable though it can be, Music and Lyrics ultimately feels as though it were made to fit a date on a studio's release schedule, a Valentine's Day bonbon crafted by machines with little thought to casting (Grant looks right but sounds wrong) or purpose. Writer-director Marc Lawrence doesn't seem to have enough faith in the material to go deeper, so his film becomes like everything else on the radio now: forgettable. (Robert Wilonsky)
Marc Lawrence Drew Barrymore, Hugh Grant, Sherman Alpert, Jason Antoon, Blake Baxendell, Haley Bennett, Theresa Bennett, Michael Biscardi, Jaclynn Tiffany Brown, Peter Conboy Marc Lawrence Marc Lawrence Warner Bros. Pictures

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