Nov. 7
6:30 p.m.
$9/$11 at the door

As iconic teen-clique comedies go, the ’00s had the silly Mean Girls, the ’90s had the gentle Clueless, and the ’80s had Heathers, easily the bitchiest and the darkest of the three. Winona Ryder plays the cynical Veronica, a high school student living in an affluent Ohio suburb. She runs with the popular crowd, which includes three Heathers, but she’s massively over it, and everything else. When new student/bad-boy J.D. (Christian Slater) shows up, Veronica finds herself attracted to him, but she isn’t as into his main kink: killing people and framing it as suicide. As the bodies pile up, real suicide attempts start trending. Throw in some casual bulimia, teens with guns, and a bomb in a school and, yeah, this movie would never be made today. But its biting wit and dark humor endure, as it continues to make film critics’ top comedy lists. Killer punk-rock group the Von Tramps will perform a set before the show.