'Basket Case,' 1982


Frank Henelotter: Brain Damaged

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The films of Frank Henenlotter offer bizarre storylines, eccentric characters, and excessive gore, all filmed on shoestring budgets. Such supposedly disreputable material proved ideal for subversive takes on dysfunctional families and drug addiction, as evidenced by Trylon’s double-bill of Basket Case (1982) and Brain Damage (1988). Basket Case follows a young man who totes his deformed sibling (once his conjoined twin) around New York City in a wicker basket, seeking to exact revenge on the doctors responsible for separating them. Filmed on location around Times Square, the movie also serves as a time capsule of the squalor that once ruled the now-touristy area. Six years later, Henenlotter returned with Brain Damage, the torrid tale of a young man addicted to secretions injected into his brain by a parasitic creature. Maintaining this malicious organism requires regular feedings of fresh brains from human victims. This demented depiction of temptation gone terribly awry further cemented Henenlotter’s reputation as an esteemed auteur of cult classics.