Film Highlight: Minneapolis Underground Film Festival

<i>The Seducer</i>

The Seducer

This year's showcase of more than 40 little-known or -seen films opens Friday night with the world premiere of The Seducer, a modern retelling of a Dostoyevsky short story in which a lonely man wandering the streets at night meets a woman waiting at a river for a mysterious lover to return. The festival closes Sunday night following a daylong showcase of short films. In between is a wide range of filmmaking, from raw and raunchy low-budget flicks to highly refined award winners. A few samples: The documentary Paddle to Seattle (Sunday at 2 p.m.) follows two adventurers on a 1,300-mile sea kayaking exploration from Alaska's panhandle to Washington. Porndogs (Saturday at 10:30 p.m.) is a not-soon-forgotten comedy that attempts to create a porn film using dogs as actors, voiced by real-life porn stars such as Marilyn Chambers and Ron Jeremy. In Living Arrangements (Saturday at 8:30 p.m.), a young couple finds what they think is the perfect apartment, until they discover a werewolf living in the attic. Many of the filmmakers will be present for the screenings. (For more information on films, tickets, and show times, visit