'Driving While Black'


Driving While Black

March 22
7:30 p.m.

“As a black man, I have to deal with an extra layer of bullshit on top of regular life,” the lead character explains in Driving While Black, a dark comedy that looks at the impact racial profiling and police brutality have on the psyche of minorities. Told from the perspective of Dimitri, a black pizza driver who is offered a job driving a Hollywood tour bus, the film has won numerous awards at festivals across the country. While it’s expected to have a digital release sometime this year, there is no firm date announced yet. That means this could be your only chance to catch a screening locally for quite a while. Aside from being emotionally engaging and funny, Driving While Black is incredibly authentic. It’s definitely a comedy, but the movie’s flashbacks show the harrowing psychology behind Dimitri’s attitude toward police, providing insightful glimpses into black experiences and police attitudes about “race out of place.”