Dolphins (Giant Screen Format) (NR)

Documentary 39 October 20, 2000
By Kirsten Marcum
Even the best floatplane tour can't hold a candle to the breathtaking panoramic seascapes that open this IMAX attraction--suggesting that nature, like pro basketball, is improved by judicious camerawork. Equally exciting is an extended sequence in which a pack of dolphins encircles a school of anchovies, driving it back and forth while individual dolphins take turns feeding. Indeed, IMAX was expressly created to deliver visual feasts like these. You didn't think you were there for the plot, did you? The second-rate sermonizing isn't much of a draw, anyway: From time to time, the film's tone veers sharply, as we're reminded that dolphins are majestic, intelligent creatures (duh) with emotions, friendships, and highly developed forms of communication. Far more effective, and convincing, are those stretches in which the narrator (Pierce Brosnan) simmers down long enough to let the footage demonstrate the selfsame points. (Kirsten Marcum)
Greg MacGillivray Pierce Brosnan, Kathleen Dudzinski, Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez, Bernd Wurzig, Louis Herman Greg MacGillivray, Stephen Judson, Tim Cahill Greg MacGillivray, Grace Atkins MacGillivray Freeman Films


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