Dennis Hopper: American Nightmare at Trylon 'True Romance'


Dennis Hopper: American Nightmare

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Actor Dennis Hopper, who died in 2010, was an incorrigible nonconformist who crafted electrifying performances in a wide range of films, stealing the screen in low-budget indies and studio blockbusters alike. While his career trajectory veered from acclaimed heights to precipitous depths, Hopper insisted on following his muse, turning in haunting portrayals of outcasts enduring on the margins of American society. The latest retrospective at Trylon Cinema, Dennis Hopper: American Nightmare, offers a thrilling compendium of fringe figures living against the odds. Starting with the Hopper-directed The Last Movie (1971), the series leaps into artistic abandon, as the film subverts narrative expectations to follow a former Hollywood horse wrangler in search of a utopian paradise in Peru. Shot in expressionistic black-and-white, Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish (1983) presents Hopper as a regretful father mired in alcoholism. In the underrated The American Friend (1977), Hopper portrays a lifelong crook who finds an unlikely accomplice in a terminally ill picture framer. On a more deranged note, Blue Velvet (1986) earned Hopper accolades for his terrifying portrayal of a sadomasochistic killer menacing a nightclub singer and her would-be protector. And in True Romance (1993), Hopper brings empathy to his role as a father resolved to protect his wayward son at any cost. Showtimes vary, check for more info.