'Death of a Cheerleader'


Death of a Cheerleader

Feb. 19
7 p.m.

Back in the ’90s, made-for-TV movies were all the rage, and they were mostly amazing crap. One shining example: Death of a Cheerleader, which aired on NBC in 1994. The story follows Angela (Kellie Martin), a popularity-obsessed teenager who longs to become BFFs with Stacey (Tori Spelling), a clique-y cheerleader from an affluent family. In order to woo Stacey, Angela does the logical thing: She invites her to a fake dinner party and offers to drive. When she confesses her scam, Stacey is less than impressed, and flees from the car. Angered at rejection, Angela chases her on foot and stabs her to death with a kitchen knife. After the killing, Angela goes back to life as normal, becoming a candystriper and planning for college... but will she get away with murder? Yes, this movie is based on a true story (almost all made-for-TV movies were). Thankfully, this is a trashy take pretty divorced from the facts of the actual tragedy.