Bubba Ho-Tep (R)

Comedy 92 October 2, 2003
By Luke Y. Thompson
Believe it or not, this horror-comedy about an aging Elvis in a haunted rest home is just the film to prove that not only is Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell a good actor -- he might just be a great one. It seems the real King got tired of fame and switched places with an impersonator by the name of Sebastian Haff (also Campbell). After a few years of doing tribute shows impersonating Haff impersonating him, Elvis broke a hip, fell into a coma, and now sports a big lump on his genitalia. When the threat of a soul-sucking Egyptian mummy in redneck clothes emerges, however, Elvis finds himself reinvigorated, able to once again walk, get an erection, and perform some karate moves. With the help of Jack (Ossie Davis), a fellow inmate who believes he's JFK post-lobotomy and skin-darkening, the battle is on. It's possible our heroes may be deluded, but part of the film's point is the power of imagination and fantasy over the tiresome, mundane world of the average adult.
Don Coscarelli Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Bob Ivy, Ella Joyce, Reggie Bannister Joe R. Lansdale, Don Coscarelli Don Coscarelli, Jason R. Savage Silver Sphere Corporation


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