Backwoods Cannibals! at Trylon L-R: 'Ravenous,' 'The Hills Have Eyes'


Backwoods Cannibals!

Oct. 27
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Of all the dire dangers in horror films, few strike a primal a chord quite like the notion of being consumed by cannibalistic fiends. Many tales of bloodthirsty heathens can be found close to home; off the grid, perhaps, but only a stone’s throw away from respectable society. For two prime examples, look no further than Trylon’s frightful double-feature, Backwoods Cannibals! In Wes Craven’s cult classic The Hills Have Eyes (1977), a family expedition turns into a savage fight for survival against a mutated band of cave-dwelling marauders with an insatiable hunger for tourists. Meanwhile, the remote environs of the Sierra Nevada mountain range play host to the murderous frenzy of the darkly comedic second feature, Ravenous (1999). Set in the 1840s, the film concerns a company of soldiers interrupted by an enigmatic stranger who tells a ghastly tale of how the hapless passengers of a stranded wagon train were reduced to consuming one another for survival. Unfortunately for the soldiers, the ghoulish tale proves a mere prelude to a second course of bloodthirsty debauchery.