Akeelah and the Bee (PG)

Drama 112 April 28, 2006
By Jim Ridley
This sweet-natured, immensely likable family film recasts the innate human drama of the spelling bee--captured memorably in the documentary Spellbound--in the familiar but satisfying terms of an after-school special. Keke Palmer plays a bright 11-year-old languishing in an underfunded, underequipped South Central L.A. public school; when her principal hits on the PR strategy of entering a student in bee competition, with the help of a Zen-like instructor (Laurence Fishburne in Morpheus mode), the girl accepts the challenge and ignites the hopes of her neighborhood. "Fantasy" may be the right word for a movie in which study alone overcomes all the savage inequalities of poverty, in which all bad people have some inner gold, in which circumstance ultimately favors the good at heart. But these are fantasies worth believing in--and, because of Palmer, we do believe. If you can keep from biting your nails when Akeelah gets argillaceous, or from tearing up at the resolution, you're made of sterner stuff than I. (Jim Ridley)
Doug Atchison Laurence Fishburne, Angela Bassett, Keke Palmer, Jeff Marlow, Sara Niemietz, Eddie Steeples Doug Atchison Sidney Ganis, Danny Llewelyn, Michael Romersa, Laurence Fishburne, Nancy Hult Ganis Lionsgate Releasing

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