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  1. Movies

    Men, Women & Children despairs at our Wi-Fi world
    Jason Reitman's latest is a snapshot of today's cultural disconnection
  2. Movies

    Ebullient Pride pairs miners and gay activists in '80s Wales
    It's the Rainbow vs. Thatcher in this feel-good flick
  3. Movies

    Dracula Untold, Or Vlad Has a Sad
    What's the fun of a Dracula who hates neck-biting?
  4. Movies

    Grub-eating Boxtrolls thrive in moral grayness
    It's a triumph of the trolls on the big screen
  5. Arts

    The Man in Her Dreams plays like a taut thriller
    Freshwater Theatre brings issues about rape, racial profiling, and a broken justice system to the stage
  6. Movies

    Bill Murray plays for laughs until St. Vincent gets maudlin
    You'll laugh, though not as much as you would if a Bill Murray character were making fun of it
  7. Restaurants

    Will the Third Bird have staying power in Loring Park?
    Kim Bartmann's latest culinary venture takes flight
  8. Movies

    Gone Girl is smartly crafted, well acted — and a bit too slick
    Everything about David Fincher's adaptation of the eponymous book is precise and thoughtful