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Twin Town Crossfit

723 W. 26th St. Minneapolis, MN 55408 | Uptown/ Eat Street | 612-208-1490

Business Description

The aim of CrossFit is to prepare trainees for any physical contingency - no matter how random, diverse or unpredictable. To that end, CrossFit is carefully designed to impart high competence across multiple fitness domains. Our trainees enjoy fitness that is unmatched across the broader spectrum of humanity. To be blunt, nobody else can do what we can do. For many, increased physical prowess is an end in itself, but an important side-benefit of CrossFit is improvement in all of the major indicators of health. Our trainees may not consciously be aware that their insulin responsiveness is improving or that their blood pressure is stabilizing, but these are the inevitable outcomes of our training methods. Improved health is CrossFit's silent dividend - a dividend that compounds silently and manifests itself in a long life of high quality.