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The Rabbit Hole

920 E. Late St. Minneapolis, MN 55406 | Seward/ Longfellow/ Minnehaha | 612-208-0428

Location Description:

Possibility, whimsy, invention, and a sprinkling of a flavorful fairy dust known as furikake is what eating at Thomas Kim and Kat Melgaard’s newest venture, the Rabbit Hole, is all about. This wonderland exists in the heart of Powderhorn, an area populated by restaurants but none quite so chic and boisterous as this. Kim and Melgaard have transformed the long-dormant standalone space right outside the entrance to the Midtown Global Market, where the pair landed just two years ago and set up their much raved about stall, the Left-Handed Cook. The idea behind the Rabbit Hole versus the Left-Handed Cook was not only to offer a fuller, more rounded experience, but also to introduce Korean street food -- like crispy bacon haemul pajeon and stick-to-your-ribs bone-in beef kalibi -- to an audience that might not be so familiar with it. They’ve done a bang-up job in that regard, but it’s worth noting that if you go in expecting super-traditional Korean cuisine, you may be disappointed. (P.S. don't skip the soju -- a distilled rice-based liqueur that’s basically Korea’s answer to Japanese sake.)

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