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Star Bar & Grill - Closed

4005 Central Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55418 | Northeast Minneapolis | 763-788-6673

Location Description:

It's clear you're in the inner ring suburbs when you step into Star Bar. Sure, this large bar/restaurant/music venue is across the big city limits and in the land of strip malls, but this is Columbia Heights, not Eden Prairie. The difference? You don't have shiny bars decked out in the greatest of early '00s design and staffed by college students in neatly pressed uniforms. Star Bar has retained the gritty, working class charm that makes the inner ring suburbs less scary to venture into than the land of endless chain restaurants and Baby Gaps. By day, you may see a family reunion or softball team gathered in the restaurant for a tastes-like-home-cooked meal, or folks testing their luck at bingo, pull tabs and meat raffles. By night, Star Bar has live music and an impressively eclectic jukebox.