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Regis Center for Art

405 21st Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55455 | University | 612-625-8096
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  • Dressing Room: Art
    In "The Seed of Babel," now on view at the University of Minnesota's Quarter Gallery, Uruguayan artist Eloisa Ibarra shows 20 representations of the Tower of Babel using traditional...
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    This two-part, dual-location exhibition celebrates the work of Beijing artist Wang Youshen. At the Regis Center on the U of M campus (Quarter Gallery, 405 21st Ave. S., Minneapolis;...
  • Dressing Room: Art
    A new exhibition of paintings and media works in the Quarter Gallery at the University of Minnesota's Regis Art Center brings traditional and new media methods by Chinese artist Zhang Meng....
  • Calendar:
    Whether viewing a mountain in Mongolia via iPad video or examining the fine ink lines proscribing a murder of crows, a newcomer to Zhang Meng's quiet work quickly becomes lost in...