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Merwin Liquors

700 W. Broadway Minneapolis, MN 55411 | North Minneapolis | 612-529-9639

Business Description

Merwin Liquors has grown to be one of the largest discount liquor stores in the Twin Cities. We have expanded our reach from a single, Minneapolis liquor store by adding a Falcon Heights liquor store and a Maplewood liquor store. In addition, we are a full service, online liquor store offering the best beer, wine and liquor online with free delivery and nationwide shipping. So what does all of this mean for you? Well it's simple - because we are able to buy in such large volume, we are able to sell beer, wine and spirits cheap. And while we don't disparage you for shopping the bottom shelf, we pride ourselves on the best single malt scotch, the best whiskey, the best cognac, and the best tequila selections around. That's not to say our beer, wine, gin and vodka offerings are to be overlooked, we just tend to put more focus on the brown stuff. So stop in at any of our locations. We're confident you'll like what you see.