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Lake Harriet Bandshell

4135 W. Lake Harriet Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55409 | Kingfield | 612-661-4785
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    In a sea of silver Hondas, black SUVs, and red pickup trucks, the ArtCar stands out. Like a remodeled vintage car, each is a labor of love, and elicits stares and claps of joy when spotted...
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    There's an undeniable grandeur inherent to the experience of entering a gilded performance hall to be immersed in the emotive opulence of the operatic form. Summer nights outdoors, however,...
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    Families looking for a fun, free workout will want to take a pregnant pause at this year's Bellyrama at Lake Harriet Bandshell. Moms, moms-to-be, grandparents, dads, and kids are invited to...
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    "What's the last thing a drummer says in a band?" "Hey guys, we should play this song I wrote!" We've all heard the joke, and while it's not very funny, it's also not very true (see also:...