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8000 Ikea Way Bloomington, MN 55425 | Bloomington | 952-858-8088

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A few things seem to happen without fail every time you walk through Ikea’s sliding doors. First, you suddenly want to buy every home organization solution and weird flimsy lamp in sight, even if you don’t need them. Two, you realize you haven’t actually measured the space where that dresser is supposed to go. Third, you’re instantly famished. Whether you can make do with something from the grab-and-go area near the checkout (hot dogs, sweet iced rolls, chips, frozen yogurt, and fountain drinks) or need something a little more substantial from the cafeteria-style restaurant upstairs, Ikea’s fare is crazy-cheap and serves to fortify you for a day of pre-fab furniture shopping. The restaurant is open from morning -- starting with bacon, eggs, and potatoes at breakfast (for less than a buck) -- to evening. Then, you can get everything from wrap sandwiches and really cracking vegetarian lentil soup, to smoked salmon (it’s a Swedish company after all), baby back ribs, and luscious tortes and tarts for dessert. Kiddos will be happy with chicken fingers, cheesy pasta, or a mini portion of the famous meatballs and mashed potatoes.

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