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Huey's Saloon

2425 Maplewood Drive Saint Paul, MN 55109 | Maplewood | 651-482-8713

Location Description:

Huey's Saloon is located off Maplewood Drive and Highway 61 in St. Paul. It won City Pages' Best Suburban Dive Bar award in 2013, and boasts some of the best burgers, fries, and onion rings in the area. The location isn't anything too special, with wood-paneling straight out of your parents' era, but what they do, they do right. Huey’s standard bar food is deliciously greasy and good (even if the crispy fries and smothered cheeseburgers aren’t exactly good for you), while their portions are ample and their drink specials are generous. The unpretentious regulars who continue to flock to the place know Huey's distinctive, neon-drenched charms -- like a classics-laden jukebox to soundtrack the drinking and dining experience -- all too well. Plus, Huey’s friendly staff and knowledgeable bartenders will always treat you right, no matter how many times you frequent the place.


Best of Award Recipient