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Franconia Sculpture Park

29836 St. Croix Trail Shafer, MN 55074 | Outstate | 651-257-6668
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  • Calendar:
    With last week's heat wave still in our minds, attending an event with molten metal might not sound as enticing as intended. However, it's the art here that will be hot and (hopefully) not...
  • Calendar:
    This Saturday, Franconia Sculpture Park will feature hot art in a cool climate. Throughout the day, 15 sculpture artists, led by Tamsie Ringler and Megan Daus, will be creating pieces out of...
  • Calendar:
    There is nothing casual about making sculptures out of hot metal. Art on canvas can be corrected and clay is forgiving, but molding metal involves careful consideration, safety precautions,...
  • Dressing Room: Art
    Aaron Dysart, whose Celebrate sculpture made a splash at this year's Northern Spark Festival, is giving two presentations this week. Tonight, he's at Amsterdam Bar for a Beaker and Brush...

Business Description

Franconia works to foster an inspiring environment for artists to expand their skills and promote the public education of three-dimensional art.