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Dusty's Bar

1319 Marshall St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 | Northeast Minneapolis | 612-378-2118

Location Description:

Tucked away in a lonely little corner on the edge of Northeast Minneapolis, Dusty's is your quintessential dive bar. Famous for its house-made Dago burgers, this simple little slice of a place is a mix of dive bar classics with a few unexpected treasures. In one corner, the old-fashioned jukebox will play you any number of classics, the one TV mounted in the corner will play only local games, and the no-pretenses bartender will pour you a no-nonsense tap beer. But lo: there's a little side door that leads out to one of the most unexpected and utterly lovely patios in town, filled with a half dozen tables and some Christmas lights. It's an intimate, partly covered space shoved into an alley, and packs a lot of charm for a place that would never call itself charming. Overall, Dusty's is the place if you're in the mood for a quiet drink alone, a dirt-cheap dive bar-great lunch, or a cold beer to enjoy with the game.

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