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Chipotle Mexican Grill

3040 Excelsior Blvd., #104 Minneapolis, MN 55416 | Golden Valley | 612-922-6662

Location Description:

Known for its clean, minimalist atmosphere and hefty foil-wrapped burritos the size (and weight) of a small infant, Chipotle pioneered the fast-casual, assembly line Mexican food genre that's since grown to encompass chains like Qdoba and Baja Fresh. The protocol in Minneapolis / St. Paul and elsewhere? Diners proceed single-file down the line and orchestrate the construction of their burrito, tacos (soft or crunchy), rice bowl, or salad with proteins including braised pork carnitas and grilled chicken or steak. Rice, beans, and a kaleidoscope of salsas from mild to sinus-clearing, plus garnishes like sour cream, guacamole and lettuce, complete the picture. Once heavily backed by McDonald's, Chipotle broke away from the fast food megacorp in 2006 and has since gained favor with customers by sourcing all-natural, hormone-free meats and even some local produce. It hired celebrity chef Nate Appleman as "culinary manager" in 2010 to man the New York test kitchen and work on research and development to keep Chipotle on the forefront of food trends. Finding your nearest Chipotle is a snap on Voice Places.

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