Wasabi Fusion Cuisine

Sushi lovers who are also penny-pinchers who also party hard have one clear destination in Minneapolis: Wasabi Fusion Cuisine. Wasabi has lots of free parking and is enclosed within a beautiful, temple-like space of soaring ceilings and sturdy 19th-century rafters. Beyond that, all its strengths lie in wicked strong drinks, cold beers, and big, big value: A party platter for four (or more) runs $65, for instance. At lunch, three big sushi rolls cost what a single roll does at most rival restaurants. Meals at the playful open-grill teppanyaki tables manned by chefs with clattering knives are priced to move--ha ha! Wasabi's unlikely to be the first choice for sushi snobs, but if you're sick of picking up astronomical tabs at those sushi snob birthday parties, welcome to your new favorite restaurant.


Mon-Fri 11am-2:30pm, Mon 4:30pm-10pm, Tue-Fri 4:30pm-2am, Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 4pm-10pm


Japanese, Sushi


Lot Available


$$, $$$