Trylon microcinema

3258 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55406
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  • 100 Years of Orson Welles
    3 months ago by Brad Richason

    Inflated by its reputation as the greatest movie of all time, Citizen Kane has an unfortunate tendency to overshadow the director's subsequent achievements. In fact, the notion that Welles's post-Kane career consists of little more ...

  • The Wachowskis
    4 months ago by Brad Richason

    In early 1999, as moviegoers anticipated the upcoming summer release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, another science-fiction film became a surprise hit, attracting audiences with a cyberpunk attitude light years away fro...

  • Las Mujeras, Los Toros Y El Sexo: The Films of Pedro Almodovar
    5 months ago by Brad Richason

    Rather than glossing over the chaotic nature of human behavior, the works of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar accentuate the sublime madness of modern life. Screening four of the celebrated director's signature works, Trylon microci...

  • "The Look" of Lauren Bacall
    7 months ago by Brad Richason

    At a time when female leads were commonly reduced to bubbly bombshells or wayward ladies in need of saving, Lauren Bacall projected fierce intelligence, unapologetic independence, and openly suggestive sensuality. Known for possessi...

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