Best Of

Tiny Diner

It may only seat 56 inside, but Kim Bartmann’s Tiny Diner is taking measures to educate, impact, and sustain many more people than its walls can actually hold. Aside from serving (take a deep breath) breakfast, a full menu of coffee drinks, lunch, dinner, wine and beer, aperitif cocktails (try the Bonal Collins), and homemade pie and soft serve, Bartmann’s aim with this, the latest in a long line of ambitious green restaurant projects, is to make the diner as self-reliant and sustainable as possible. They’re keeping honey bees on their rooftop; maintaining a small garden on Tiny Diner’s grounds, as well as a half-acre mini-farm in South Minneapolis, to produce food for the restaurant and their Thursday farmers markets. This casual Powderhorn spot is both a place to go super-clean with a macro-bowl (seaweed, quinoa, and the like) or a spot to go all-out with a burger and a slice of homemade rhubarb pie. To break things down in terms of Bartmann’s other restaurants, Tiny Diner has a beer list as good as Pat’s Tap, a patio that’s a bit smaller but more communal-feeling than Bread & Pickle, a handful of dishes that, price and portion-wise, seem to belong at Red Stag, the casual hominess of Gigi’s, and community impact potential that’s much greater than its little name implies.