The Third Place Gallery

3730 Chicago Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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  • Through Our Eyes
    1 year ago by Sheila Regan

    This Friday, Third Place Gallery will be hosting a free public screening of videos created by teenage filmmakers. The evening is the culmination of a two-day workshop organized by Gazillion Strong and Line Break. Through Our Eyes wi...

  • Chinese-ness
    1 year ago by Jessica Armbruster

    Wing Young Huie's latest exhibition, "Chinese-ness," examines what it means to be Chinese. For the project, Huie photographed new immigrants as well as established Chinese Americans, and even traveled to China to pose this question....

  • Esther Ouray gets folks laughing at Third Place Gallery tonight
    2 years ago by Sheila Regan

    Get your endorphins running tonight in a laughter workshop led by artist Esther Ouray at the Third Place Gallery, where you'll be led through a fun evening that explores wellness and community building. A part of the Arts on Chicago...

  • Migrations
    2 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    During the course of a lifetime, many folks move around to different cities, states, or countries. The reasons behind this can vary; some travel to a new town for college, while others relocate for better employment opportunities. B...

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