The Ritz Theater

345 13th Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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  • Drop everything and go see Sweeney Todd
    2 months ago by Ed Huyck

    No, really. Get your tickets today. Hell, if you need to, call Peter Rothstein and demand that he get the cast together to put on the show on a day off. If you have any interest in musical theater, or just plain awesome acting, you ...

  • Veteran actor Mark Benninghofen makes musical debut as Sweeney Todd
    2 months ago by Ed Huyck

    After an intense season that included a key role in Juno and the Paycock, Mark Benninghofen was ready for a break. Things didn’t go exactly according to plan. “I was sitting on my deck one morning and saw that Theatre Latte Da had a...

  • Into the Woods
    8 months ago by Ed Huyck

    Greta Oglesby makes her Theatre Latte Da debut in Stephen Sondheim’s popular twist on fairy tales. She’s excited to step into the shoes of all of the actors who played the witch before her, even if that includes Meryl St...

  • Greta Oglesby Takes on the Witch in Into the Woods
    9 months ago by Ed Huyck

    Greta Oglesby is thrilled to be playing the Witch in Stephen Sondheim's beloved Into the Woods -- even if it means stepping into some big shoes. "I've seen it several times and I've seen the movie with Meryl Streep. The role is way ...

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