The Gallery @ Fox Tax

503 1st Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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  • Space
    2 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    Where does functional design end and fine art begin? Anyone who has been to a modern-art museum's gift shop or a specialty furniture store knows that the line drawn between the two is often tenuous at best. The ways in which art and...

  • Working Proof: An Exhibit by Robyn Stoller Awend and Josh Awend
    2 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    Process is a major theme in Fox Tax's latest show, "Working Proof." The title of the exhibition refers to a print made during a project that allows an artist to make changes or check their work before completion. On display will be ...

  • Things You Hate to Love
    2 years ago by Camille LeFevre

    Coming upon Dan Buettner's work is akin to finding the needle in the haystack. Amid the thick, enticing layers of paint and collage — where a blur of background teases bits of process, meaning, and memory — floats an ima...

  • LINE DANCE:Glass Block Photography by Polly Norman
    3 years ago by Sheila Regan

    This Saturday, the Gallery @ Fox Tax is hosting an opening reception for "Line Dance: Glass Block Photography by Polly Norman." Norman creates her pieces by shooting high-resolution black-and-white images through a Pennsylvania glas...

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