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The Bakken Museum

The stately Bakken Museum is located in an 85-year-old Tudor mansion on the west shore of Bde Maka Ska. Named for Minneapolis native Earl Bakken -- the pioneering co-founder of Medtronic, whose use of electricity for therapeutic and medical purposes drove him to create the first wearable, battery-powered pacemaker -- the Bakken is dedicated to educating the young and old alike about the process of innovation. In addition to the museum and its lush gardens, The Bakken Museum also has a top-notch educational center with plenty of hands-on experiences for students, as well as the world's leading collection of books and artifacts detailing and documenting the history of electricity in life. The museum routinely hosts school field trips and other special events, with a variety of exhibits on the wonders of invention, plant medicine, technology, and science fiction.