There are a few aspects of Le Cordon Bleu culinary school’s demonstration restaurant that could use a little polishing. (Like, when the young host asks, “Are you ladies ready to get sat?”) But, when you’re paying $10 for a three-course meal, they can mostly be overlooked. Sure, you’re seated in what looks like a former classroom, but that appetizer you just ate--shaved ribbons of foie gras on crostini, with a little salad--would normally run you a Hamilton. The students staff the restaurant’s back and front of the house as their last session of education, so they’ve had months to work on searing their scallops, rolling fettuccini, and such. They may not be perfect--an over salted sauce, a fish fillet too raw in its interior--but such missteps are not, unfortunately, so atypical for a mainstream restaurant. The biggest clue that Technique is a amateur venture is that, occasionally, half a dozen student workers might be standing around idly--in a for-profit venture, they’d have been cut long ago, and starting on their sidework.



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