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St.Paul Bagelry & Deli

A good bagel should be more like Jimmy Durante and less like Rock Hudson, more like a short story and less like a billboard. It shouldn't be bloated and pleasant when seen from a great distance, it should be unique, a little tough, a little strange--the way faces are strange, the way life is. St. Paul Bagelry bagels are just that way: Each is unique and obviously handmade, they have a truly sturdy and resilient crust, a nice interior crumb full of good-sized holes and rich-tasting dough. St. Paul Bagels also has the best cream cheese in the metro area: Every day it's blended up using fresh herbs, real cream cheese, and other radical ingredients made of food, not chemicals.


Sun 7:30am-4pm, Mon-Fri 6am-4pm, Sat 7am-4pm


American, Breakfast


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