Stevens Square Center for the Arts

1905 3rd Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

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  • Minneapolis Art Lending Library
    2 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    At a library you can check out books, albums, and CDs for free, but what about art? That's the general idea behind the Minneapolis Art Lending Library. The organization, which started up last June, invites folks to peruse its collec...

  • Voyage: An Expedition into Materiality
    3 years ago by Camille LeFevre

    Kayleigh Fichten creates fictions on canvas using objects, abstract marks, and layers of color and metaphor to generate visions of utopia. Russell Stephens has joined Fichten in experimenting with repurposed material, bringing 2D an...

  • (ôr-rob'-ôr-rus)
    3 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    The Ouroboros is an ancient — yet still familiar — symbol featuring a snake eating its own tail. The image often is used to represent self-reflexive exploration, as well as the cyclical nature of humanity. For Stevens Sq...

  • Half Wild
    3 years ago by Jessica Armbruster

    To say that the relationship between man and animal is a complex one would be an understatement. Urban developments have had a great impact on wildlife, disrupting natural dwellings, upsetting migration patterns, and inviting wildli...

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