Sonora Grill

The Midtown Global Market is home to several Mexican restaurants, but Sonora Grill distinguishes itself by adding influences from Spain and South America and submitting traditional dishes to a gourmet chef's makeover. Sonora’s signature item is the caramelo, which despite its dessert-y sounding name, is actually just code for a taco served with melted cheese. Sonora serves theirs on the small side, but packed with fabulous fillings like pork, chicken, beef, fried shrimp, slow-cooked tongue, and crispy eggplant. To add richness and textural interest, the caramelos are topped with a bit of fresh salsa, leaves of cilantro, shredded cabbage, and garlicky aioli. In addition to these $2.50 bites, Sonora also makes its own pinchos - marinated skewered meats, hot dogs on Salty Tart buns, and fresh salad topped with grilled tilapia to round out the lighter offerings.


South American, Spanish