Red Cow

If you like your burgers loaded and stuffed, the southwest Minneapolis burger-and-beer joint Red Cow may be for you. In fact, the burgers may have too much going on, like the Barcelona burger, stuffed with prosciutto and topped with manchego cheese and piquillo peppers, plus a finishing glob of smoky aioli that made the whole thing a bit overwhelming. The burgers that performed better exercised more restraint, such as the duck wild rice burger and mushroom and Swiss burger. The staff also know their way around the fryer. Three of the best things here are the cheese curds, fried in a tempura-like batter and served with a tart triple-berry ketchup; the sweet-potato crinkle planks; and the fish and chips. You'll also find exemplary bar food such as poutine, massive buffalo wings, and caramel bacon puffcorn – the greatest improvement on pub peanuts any bar has ever offered. Red Cow has an impressively long wine list – over 30 are served by the glass – and lots of local brews on tap, including some from Indeed, Harriet Brewery, Fulton, Badger Hill, and several varieties from Surly and Summit.