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  • Jekyll & Hyde
    6 months ago by Alex Lauer

    None of the endless adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reach the sophistication and spectacle of Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn’s musical, Jekyll & Hyde. The show’s ...

  • Calvin Berger
    7 months ago by Brad Richason

    As wittily envisioned by playwright/composer Barry Wyner, Calvin Berger is perhaps most aptly described as Cyrano de Bergerac by way of Glee. Following the general outline of Edmond Rostrand's classic tale, Calvin Berger features ye...

  • Eating Raoul
    11 months ago by Brad Richardson

    On the surface, the macabre comic musical Eating Raoul would seem to share numerous similarities with Little Shop of Horrors, another work filled with gruesome humor. Both are adapted from a cult film featuring mild-mannered charact...

  • Memories Won't Fade in The New Electric Ballroom
    12 months ago by Ed Huyck

    Memory is a tricky thing. We spend our time replaying moments from the past. They can be embarrassing moments, times of great pleasure, or a second where life changed. Irish playwright Enda Walsh looks at a single evening from decad...

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