Nate Beck"s Nate Dogs, applies an artisan approach to the humble hot dog cart. To pick just the right dog, Beck visited every craft butcher around the metro and collected a cooler full of samples. After taste testing, he chose an all-pork, skin-on, uncured wiener (and wiener-sized bratwurst) from the family-run farm Pastures a Plenty. Beck boils his tubesteaks so they don't risk splitting the casing and losing their juice, as they can when grilled. Beck's homemade condiments include caramelized onions, coarse-cut sauerkraut, and a variety of blended mustards that he wears in a waist-slung holster for quicker dispensing (try one made with a local beer). The tubesteaks and toppings outshine their ho-hum, mass-produced buns, but that's kind of the point: The bread needs to fade to the background so the meat can be the star. Beck has instilled his business with a philanthropic philosophy: For every dog purchased, he makes an equivalent donation to charity. "Get a dog, give a dog," he says. "That's our motto."


American, Food Trucks, Hot Dogs, Street Food

Dining Features

Lunch, No Alcohol, Reservations Not Necessary


Metered Parking